What made you start giving tours?
Friendship. I first gave this tour for naught to personal visitors. They’re the ones that loved it and told me to go and do this more often, for money. Can you think of a better recommendation?

Why this particular tour?
Because it tells you a story no Dutchman would. It is too obvious and normal for us. Yet it is distinctly unique to foreigners and encompasses much of what makes us us: a particulary peculiar people.

Safe to travel with you?
Our drivers are carefully vetted, certified by the government and very experienced. They will move you in comfort and safety.

What’s it cost?
Depends on your wishes. Do contact us for more clarity!

How long does it take?
Depends on your wishes. But at its most basic, give or take three hours.

Do you take groups?
Yes, so long as we can fit them in one car or van. We have multiple drivers, but only one guide.

Is this tour weather-dependent?
Absolutely. Bad weather, no tour, full refund.

In which language is it?
English, Dutch or broken German. As you prefer ;-).